How To Come Up With Things To Blog About…

Jun 25, 2018

Once you’ve decided to start a blog and figured out which platform to use…

it’s time to actually create the content!

There’s no secret formula for this, but I’ve decided to share how I get over the ever-popular writers’ block.

Honestly, it begins with brainstorming.

I jot down a ton of ideas in one sitting and eventually end up with 30 blog post ideas to pull from later.

I pencil these into my content calendar so that everything is scheduled in advance. 

This method is great because I’m not copying content from other bloggers – which means – I’m able to stay true to my originality and unique voice.

Here’s an example: 

I outline specific topics on a sheet of paper.

Let’s say today’s topic is: Water.

I create several different ways to blog about water.

  • How To Stay Hydrated In Crazy, Texas Heat
  • 5 Ways To Hydrate This Summer
  • How A Woman Was Able To Lose Weight By Switching from Soft Drinks To Water In Less Than One Year
  • 4 Infused Water Recipes I Can’t Live Without
  • How My Water Bottle Changed My Life
  • How To Start Drinking More Water Part 1


See what I did there?

I took the vague topic of “water” and created 6 new blog post ideas! 

Now it’s your turn!

Write down one generic topic you want to blog about. Then fill in this formula for brainstorming:

  • How To (teach your reader something valuable)
  • List (this means using a number in the title like “5 Ways To” or “3 Best Practices”)
  • Case Study (give a true account of how this has helped someone)
  • Resources (list practical things like tools. In the example above, my practical tools are recipes)
  • Personal Story (create authenticity and vulnerability with your readers)
  • Series (if you have a blog topic that can be stretched into a series with Part 1, 2, or 3, go for it)!


How else can I help with your blog? Let me know in the comments or by shooting an email to: [email protected]


Jun 25, 2018 | Style