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12 Things I’m Packing For The Beach This Summer (With Kids)

Apr 22, 2024


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Whether I’m traveling to the Carolinas or out of the country, I’m known for overpacking. I can’t blame it on motherhood because I’ve always been this way. I like having my things with me and being prepared for all types of weather-related circumstances, events, and terrain. Now that I’m a mother, I’ve actually paired back a bit. Meticulously planning what my girls and I will need for a trip instead of tossing seven pairs of shoes and every book I own into a suitcase. These days, I’ve got vacation-packing down to a science. Here are my top twelve essentials, the absolute must-haves for my summer beach bag this year.



    1. Wet bags for keeping wet swimsuits separate from the rest of the dry items in the beach bag.
    2. Oversized beach towels which make drying off and laying out a breeze.
    3. After-sun lotion.  I have tested this lotion for weeks and can confidently say that our family has become life-long fans of the product. My girls ask for it every night after the bath and I rub it all over myself several times throughout the day, every day. I’ll bring it on this year’s California trip for easy application after rinsing off at the beach showers. My skin always feels so tight after a day in the sun so this will be a nice addition to my beach bag this year. If you like a whipped body lotion that is safe and effective for the whole family, you’ll want to rotate this into your future skincare regimen. It’s not yet available for purchase, but I wanted to keep this hidden gem on your radar. I’ll let you know when it hits the market.
    4. Beach umbrella that twists directly into wet sand for 24/7 shaded protection. This provides a nice little break from the elements.
    5. Sunscreen for the whole family.
    6. Foldable hat that can easily be thrown in a carry-on and enjoyed on a sunny day. If you prefer a nicer sun hat, get this hat holder for easy traveling.
    7. Sunglasses for kids that are polarized and adorable. Averi can’t go anywhere without hers. Audri prefers these aviators instead.
    8. Sun hat for kids without strings for non-windy days, exploring local restaurants and gift shops. Sun hat for kids with strings for windy days on the beach.
    9. Large cooler bag for picnics on the beach. This is our most used item while on any trip because we are a family full of foodies.
    10. Sand toys for building castles and memories.
    11. Greek sandals instead of flip flops (which flick sand on the back of my legs).
    12. A swimsuit you feel comfortable and beautiful in.



Photography Richlynn Bailey