Unwind With Me This Weekend

May 24, 2024


My Debut Book


My weekends are often packed with practices, games, gatherings, events, work, and church. This weekend is different. With soccer season over for both girls and school events finished for the year, I’ve got very little planned for the next couple of days. Sometimes, I like to fill that vacant time with projects that challenge me. I’m resisting that urge this weekend. Instead, I’m going to spend time unwinding, reading a new book I just checked out from the library, swimming in the neighborhood pool with my littles, and relaxing at home. Feel free to unwind with me this weekend, even if you can only get an hour to do so. If you haven’t read my book all of the way through, I suggest looking at the table of contents and picking out a chapter to read based on the chapter title. I prefer reading a paperback and mine’s on sale for a limited time today. If you prefer reading on your kindle, the kindle version of my book is only $4. Happy unwinding!

May 24, 2024 | Books