Easy, Healthy, & Tasty Summer Salad Recipe

Jun 3, 2024

I use a food subscription service for regular grocery shopping. This summer salad recipe came inside one of my recent weekly boxes and it’s so easy, healthy, and tasty, I had to share. I’ve made it twice just this week and it’s a crowd favorite for everyone who has tried it. If you need a quick summer salad recipe to have on hand, this should be your go-to.



(2 pkgs) Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

(2 pkgs) Grape Tomatoes

(1 pkg of 4) Sweet Bicolor Corn

(2 pkgs) Sweet Butter Lettuce Blend (I also used lettuce from the garden)


Slice kernels off cob from 4 ears of corn; heat 2 tbsp oil in 12-inch skillet or large pot over med-high + sauté corn with salt/pep 3-5 min until tender; set aside

Heat 1 tbsp oil in skillet over med-high; pat 2 packs of shrimp dry + sauté with salt/pep + garlic powder + italian herbs + orange zest 3-4 min until shrimp is pink, opaque + cooked through; set aside

Slice all tomatoes in half

Add 2 bags lettuce, tomatoes + corn to a large bowl + toss to combine; divide salads between plates, top with shrimp, season with salt/pep + an extra drizzle of olive oil


If you enjoy this easy, healthy salad, you might also enjoy my watermelon salad recipe. This is my salad serving set. It keeps the salad cold—and therefore fresh—while sitting out on display at the dining table. Browse fun options to serve your next summer salad with below.

Jun 3, 2024 | Recipes