Amazon’s Best Seller List

Feb 6, 2024


My Debut Book


I received some “advice” around the time of my book launch…

She told me that if I wanted to get my book on an Amazon best seller list, that I needed to text everyone I’d ever met on launch day, asking them to buy my book. I thought it was deceptive and so I ignored that advice. Instead, I gave away my book for free to whomever wanted to be on my street team. Then, I texted friends and family when it was available. I wanted to share this old screenshot to say, “Thank you” to everyone who purchased a copy of my book because you genuinely wanted to! And for reading it, and reviewing it, and sharing it with someone else. For a while there, you guys got me to the top of Amazon’s best seller list, fair and square. It’s just a sweet reminder to me that years of hard work (and God’s sovereignty) is always the best combination in the end.

Feb 6, 2024 | Books