10 Things You’d Never Know About Writing A Book

Jan 18, 2024




For a words person like me, writing a book is the thrill of a lifetime. I’m starting on my second book now and I’m more at ease with the process this time. If you’re wanting to write a book too, here are ten things to keep in mind. Things I wish I knew before starting.

  1. After you finalize the manuscript, it takes around 12 months before it’s published.
  2. There are many publishing avenues, all of which vary. Do your research.
  3. Every editor has their own style and it’s important to find ones that you vibe with.
  4. Generally, there are different word counts for different genres.
  5. You will establish daily rituals and rhythms to sustain your writing process.
  6. If you want the book to sell, you are responsible for marketing it.
  7. Your book won’t be for everyone. Find your people.
  8. Have thick skin and scrap your writing until it’s near perfect.
  9. It’s a difficult undertaking. Many people say that they would like to write a book someday. Only a small percentage of people do the work.
  10. Get inspired internally and externally. Pray for fresh insight from God and go to museums, galleries, concerts, etc.



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Jan 18, 2024 | Books