What Is My Calling and How Do I Find It?

Apr 6, 2019

I believe the word “calling” is highly exaggerated in culture today.


Often, we want to be told exactly what our calling or purpose is, and then handed a step by step guide on how to get from point A to point B.


I find this agonizing and unnecessary…


Instead, think of it this way: God has called us to himself.


Rather than asking God for an imaginary itinerary for your life, ask him for enough faith just to navigate around the next corner.


I used to think that God “called me” to be a writer. An author, maybe. An evangelist of the written word.


But those are just passions or natural gifts of mine…


All God has really called me to do is glorify him in everything I pursue, rest in his peace, live in authentic community, exude his joy, serve him and others, etc. That’s it. That’s the calling.


Once I realized this, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders!


I began to understand that dreams, goals, and pursuits come and go. They change with experience, age, wisdom, opportunity, and gifting.


Sometimes, I’ve even been led down specific roads (that I thought was my calling) only to find out that I wasn’t supposed to pursue that person, job, thing, or place anymore.




I also used this concept of a “calling” as a way to focus on my own uniqueness and level of importance to God.


As a way to please Him. As a way to be perfect for Him.


I used to pray things like, “Lord, if you just show me what to do, tell me what my calling is, then I’ll step into it.”


But he said, “No sweet girl, if I show you a “calling” and tell you exactly what you should be doing, would you rely on me anymore?”


So my question today is this:

Do you care about finding your calling and God’s will for your life or do you care about finding a deeper relationship with Him?




Shift your focus from finding your purpose. It’s an illusion, a fantasy, an expectation that can’t be met. You’ll miss out on your reality, how God is already using or trying to use you, and how your life currently impacts others.


Finding your calling is a cultural concept, not a biblical one.


Serve the season you’re in.


Stop worshipping certainty, because our God is a God of mystery.


The only thing He really wants from you, is all of you.

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Apr 6, 2019 | Faith

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