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Amazon: What I Buy

Jul 14, 2017

Did I take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day this week? Of course! I (shamefully) enjoy convenience and sales just like the next American. 😉

But seriously…. Amazon is killin’ the E-commerce game and I’m a repeat customer!

Below are a few of my favorite things to buy from Amazon:



1). Styling Wand – I use this every time I style my hair whether I want loose waves or curls! I also talk about it in this post.

2). Kids Costumes – Audri can’t get enough of these dresses! (they’re much more reasonably priced here than inside the Disney Store). 

3). Coconut Oil – I use this every day for cooking, skin, hair, or teeth care. It’s magic in a container. 



1). Amazon Gift Card – they have e gift cards or printable gift cards depending on your preference! 

2). Gift Finder – you can browse different gifts based on who you’re shopping for here.

3). Friends and Family Gifting – you can see what items are on your friend’s wish list and surprise her with a gift she’s been wanting! (I’m not going to link mine because my friends don’t know you and might feel weird that my blog readers can see a waffle iron in the shape of a keyboard is on their wish list) 😉


Household Items:

1). Eco Dot – Alexa is this machine’s name and I love to use her for changing music in the house and ordering take out.

2). Dryer Balls – Dab a bit of vanilla extract into these babies and you never have to buy dryer sheets again! Just one lasts me 6 months!

3). Rose Soap – I talk about how I use it in this post.



1). Ice Mold  these are fun for pool parties or hanging out in our back yard!

2). Phone Case  I’m sure marble will go out of style one day, but it’s not anytime soon!

3). Pool Float – Audri loves this watermelon float (even though I bought it picturing myself relaxing on it haha – jokes on this mom!)


Hygienic Products:

1). Muslin Cloth this helps softly remove a stiff mud mask in one solid motion instead of scrubbing intensely and getting it in your eyes.

2). Toothpaste activated charcoal is a hit or miss for people. I personally like it, and my teeth have never felt so clean!

3). Disposable Gloves  cooking meat bare-handed is something I haven’t done since college.



1). Mere Christianity  classic book if you are considering what Christianity is all about!

2). Grace Not Perfection – I’m currently reading this with a few other girls and it’s been really insightful in this modern time of trying to balance motherhood! I posted a quote from the book on this Instagram post the other day in case you want to get an idea before purchasing!

3). Sacred Marriage  the best book I’ve ever read on marriage! This would make an AMAZING gift for the bride-to-be! SO MUCH WISDOM!



1). Groceries through my Amazon App

2). Dark Chocolate – one square for a mom/daughter treat after chores. 

3). Hot Tea – so many flavors, so little time!


What are your favorite things to buy from Amazon?


Jul 14, 2017 | Toxic-Free Products


  1. Susan

    I also ordered The Rose Soap among other items! Amazing blog!

    1. VeiledFree

      Ahh great – that’s the only soap I use these days! Thank you!!

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